Your Essentials For a Great Camping Trip -

Your Essentials For a Great Camping Trip

essentials for camping

Camping in the wilderness is always so much fun, particularly when you have an equally large group of friends and family to share it with. Therefore, be prepared ahead of time. Be sure to pack all of the essential camping essentials. That way, you will have fun and still be well prepared.

I have already done camping twice before. Your first time was memorable for all the right reasons – the wilderness, the campsite, and of course, the delicious breakfast of chicken fried steak. But this time, you are bringing the kids. So be prepared. Pack a few days’ supplies that include some fun activities for the kids to do while camping out.

Essentials For Camping

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For example, many families go on camping trips with their dogs, and for security reasons, it’s essential to include a puppy-proof dog house. So include a safe puppy house with a built-in, double-wall electric heater, a stove with grill and burner space, and an emergency water tank. Also, keep your “real” dogs’ dishes with you in case your “camping buddies” get thirsty (or poop indoors), too. And if you take along a tent, make sure you have all the basic equipment needed to cook meals every time you go camping.

Another important gear to pack is a good sleeping bag. Depending on where you camp, you may need more than one sleeping bag. Some people like to bring two, three, or even four sleeping bags, depending on where they are camping. A good tip is to never buy a single sleeping bag and keep several extra ones in your car, along with a portable camping tent and some extra clothes. The worst mistake you can make is buying a cheap sleeping bag, only to spend money on a replacement weeks later when it starts to wear out.

Must-Have Essentials

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Another thing that is an absolute “must-have” when it comes to an essentials kit for a camping trip is quality repellent. Some people like to bring a full range of repellents, so they have an assortment of choices. Others prefer to start out with just one type of repellent so that they can find one that works best in their specific location. It’s a personal choice and depends on how you plan on enjoying your camping trip.

Insect repellent can be an essential item, especially for those who enjoy camping in more remote areas, where bugs tend to be more of a nuisance. You can purchase a variety of brands, from corn starch to peppermint leaves and ground nutmeg, and sprinkle them on your vehicle, on your clothing, in your hair, and on any other surfaces where you think they might be visible. You’ll also want to consider using insect repellent during your camping trip as you head out into the great outdoors. This is particularly true if you are traveling through a region with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not only unpleasant to look at but can also be dangerous to your kids.

Things To Consider

Another essential for camping is a first aid kit. Kids are going to get hurt from time to time while camping, so it’s always a good idea to take a kit with you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a regular kit or an emergency one. An everyday kit, like those that are designed specifically for kids, can include bandages, antiseptic creams, band-aids, ointments, pain relievers, and so on. An emergency kit should contain items for burns, bug bites, broken bones, and other injuries. Kids, in particular, should never go camping alone, so make sure they have the right essentials for camping with them.

Bottom Line

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Make sure that all of your essentials for a great family vacation include comfortable but lightweight camping gear. You’ll also need appropriate clothing and footwear for your trip. And, of course, make sure that your kids have the essentials for a great, fun camping trip.

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