What is Folding Caravan?

Do you desire a caravan that folds the top half down? Then the folding caravan is right for you. This caravan is for people who like a solid caravan towed at a lower height. For many users, it enables them to have a light drag attached to their vehicles. Which they say in turn conserve their fuel usage while also allowing for more stability while driving. Another attraction for users to this type of caravan is the ease of storage. The fold of this caravan allows for the caravan to fit in tiny spaces, which endears it to prospective buyers.

What is Folding Caravan?
What is Folding Caravan?

The folding caravan has sides that fold right inwards. This feature, coupled with being able to lower down the top, is the significant difference between this type of caravan and the standard or conventional caravan. The extension or awning helps to create more sleeping room in case the bed space available won’t be enough for the campers present. Many users see this caravan as ideal, as its advantages make it more appealing to users. The overall simplicity and ease with the excellent user experience have helped to bring back this once famous caravan into use in recent years among campers.

Why Folding Caravan?

Folding caravans were widely popular among campers in the late ’70s and ’80s but are gradually returning to regular use by present-day campers because of its many advantages. Some of which includes;

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of storage
  • Low profile creates room for less air resistance, excellent fuel economy, and excellent visibility when turning or reversing.
  • Easy to manoeuver in tight spaces
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Resistant to the elements (wind, sun, and rain)
  • Lighter weight when compared to standard caravans

Some features of folding caravans include:

  • Can sleep up to ten persons with the addition of the extension
  • Consists of the luxuries of the caravan
  • Provision for extension (awning)
  • Lightweight when compared with a standard caravan
  • Two fixed beds

This caravan holds its own among the wide variety of caravan. It offers users the unique experience of viewing nature at its best while enjoying a home getaway treat.

Choosing a Folding Caravan?

For many who desire to purchase folding caravans, there are many factors to consider that will help in choosing the right folding caravan for you. With each designed to give the most comfortable, and offer the best experience to potential users. Users must be armed with enough information before deciding on the kind of folding caravan to purchase. Factors such as; required internal space that will be needed by campers, the type of trips intended, and storage location for caravans are essential points that must be carefully thought out and planned for when deciding to own a folding caravan.

What is Folding Caravan?
What is Folding Caravan?

With these in mind, a potential owner can select his/her desired choice from the array of the available folding caravan.

Lastly, the many advantages and aesthetic features of the folding caravan, which has helped put it back in fashion. It is guaranteed to give its users an enjoyable camping experience.

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