What are Small Caravans?

The small caravan is a caravan type that is said to be light in weight and size. Usually, caravans such as these didn’t have toilet and bathing facilities, but with improvements in caravan making, more companies are offering smaller caravan designs with toilet and shower features.

These designs will enable travelers to continue their journey without having to share amenities at a shared campsite. While for campers, they will continue living in their caravan and not share toilet and bathroom facilities with others.

This impressive design means that small caravan owners can enjoy the same facilities in a standard or large sized caravan within the comfort of their own confined space.

What are Small Caravans?
What Are Small Caravans?

 Why Small Caravans?

Less expensive:

The small caravans are less expensive when prices are compared with the large caravan but enjoy similar amenities. This will enable families to save on their budget and enjoy the same excellent camping experience.

Ease of storage:

A significant challenge faced by large caravan owners is the issue of the storage room after the holiday season. With the small caravans, that is not the case as they can be easily stored in relatively small storage spaces in the garage, backyard anywhere a small car can fit in.

Easy navigation:

As small caravans are smaller in size when compared to larger ones, they allow for easy navigation of vehicles. The driver will find it easier navigating a bend, pulling over, or seeing what’s behind, which would be difficult with a more massive caravan.

Better travel speeds:

Cars generally will travel faster if they carry less weight. The small caravans are lesser in weight than larger caravans; hence, it allows for the vehicle towing it to move at a faster and better speed. This reduces travel time, ensuring campers have enough time to enjoy their holidays more by reaching their travel destination quicker.

Can be towed with smaller vehicles:

Many smaller caravans require small cars to tow them because of their lightweight, so caravan owners won’t have to rent heavy-duty trucks to tow their caravan to their travel destination. This is in contrast to larger caravans that cannot be towed by smaller vehicles. But caravan owners will have to be aware of caravan weight and towing requirements.

As a result of the advantages enjoyed by the small caravans over larger ones, it is no wonder that campers are gradually seeing the need to own smaller caravans than larger ones. While the larger ones come with the advantage of having enough space and legroom, the small caravans have become creative with the use of space with features such as slide-out kitchens, chairs that can be extended to become beds, and so on. These have become attractive propositions to would-be owners with even newer designs that can accommodate an entire family.

Considerations before Acquiring Small Caravans?

What are Small Caravans?
What Are Small Caravans?

It is noteworthy that not all small caravan comes complete with shower and toilet facilities; hence, care must be taken to ensure that the right caravan is chosen to meet your desire. Factor such as budget restraints, number of persons going on the journey, required internal space size, and availability of amenities at the shared camp location are important factors that must be duly considered before owning a small caravan.

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