Glam camping accessories for travelling

glam camping accessories

If you’ve never heard of the phrase “glamping” or aren’t sure what it means, it’s a mix of “glamour” and “camping.” The goal is to camp in the great outdoors, but more comfortably, than traditional camping. It’s entirely up to you to define what makes fashionable camping. Some individuals go all out and schedule costly stays at opulent getaways with everything planned ahead of time. Others bring only a few amenities, such as a comfortable mattress and some domestic décor, to a good campsite.


camping accessories

Getting a portable fire pit is a fantastic way to enhance your glamping site instantly. You have a safe and easy alternative to a conventional campfire with a fire pit. Even if a fire ban is in force, you should be able to enjoy the warmth and brilliance of the flames if you choose a propane model (but you should always check, as there are exceptions). Outland Living produces various CSA-approved fire pits built of durable, weather-resistant stainless steel with a protective powder coating. These pits are small and light, making them simple to move to your location. A carrying package is included with the Deluxe, Premium, and Cypress versions.

Camp chairs

camping accessories

The quality of your campsite’s seats will have a significant impact on your comfort during your next outdoor trip. After a day of exploring the outdoors, investing in a set of solid camp chairs with lots of support will help to alleviate aches and pains. Alternatively, you may simply stay at your campground and relax in them all day. In any case, you’ll be glad you brought them.

Portable shove

Want to make cooking on your next camping trip a breeze? The Summerland Stove from Outland Living is the ideal blend of utility and mobility. It has folding legs and can fit in the trunks of most vehicles, making it ideal for glamping or conventional camping. You’ll have a large cooking surface with three burners and two prep surfaces once you’ve set it up. It provides a far more pleasurable meal preparation experience than a traditional camp stove. You’ll be able to cook meals in skillets with the use of hot water for boiling. Because this portable grill runs on propane, it can be connected to the same propane tank as your fire pit.


You’re now ready to join the ranks of other glampers who are elevating their outdoor trips to new heights of luxury and convenience. With the luxury camping gear on this list, you may have the best of both worlds on your next trip: the comforts of home combined with the rough beauty of nature. These caping accessories will help you a lot in your upcoming traveling for your next camping.

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