Fun Camping Accessories You Should Not Miss Out On

fun camping accessories

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who enjoys spending time outdoors, then buying fun camping accessories is something you should seriously consider. After all, going on an extended trip in the great outdoors requires many necessary supplies and equipment. The basic camping equipment includes items such as a tent, sleeping bags, food, and drinking water. Other items, which many people overlook, are small appliances that make the job of camping easier or more enjoyable. Here are a few fun and useful items to bring along with you.

An Overview

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This fun camping accessories idea will keep campers well stocked. It comes in handy when camping at night, because it can double as a small refrigerator to keep cool drinks for longer periods of time. Some models even come with a microwave built right in. The coolest part is that most of them fold up flat so that the camper doesn’t even know it is there. One of these handy bowl sets will give campers unlimited drinks while they are away from home.

Some people mistakenly think that it is cute to bring along a toaster, or other kitchen-related items. But no, it’s not cute; it’s downright dangerous. Some full-time campers have discovered that flashlights can save their life. And you thought full-time campers needed flashlights too? Actually, it’s not just flashlights; there are also compact, battery-operated lanterns, ice scrappers, and other useful, no-tools-needed camp tools. As another fun camping accessories idea, bring along some old camp games such as dominoes or charades, which you can use as gambling devices, should the campground offers casinos.

Top Camping Accessories

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Some fun camping accessories ideas involve investing in more than a tent and a hammock. What about double sleeping bags? Camping can be a very romantic experience, but it can also be dangerous, especially if there are unexpected weather conditions such as blizzards, thunderstorms, or inclement weather. In order to be prepared for these conditions, consider purchasing a double sleeping bag, or a few. These sleeping bags will provide comfort, as well as a warm, cozy option for two. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you’re trying to sleep on the ground because the ground is cold.

Another one of the best and most useful fun camping accessories ideas is a quality portable restroom. You probably didn’t think that you would ever need to bring one with you, but believe me, you definitely will after your next trip. A quality portable restroom can be as much of an investment as your tent, sleeping bag, and other outdoor gear. So invest in a quality restroom now, before you realize how much they can be useful to you.

Rope lights are another fun rv accessory and believe it or not, they can be really useful for many different reasons. You can use rope lights to help keep you and your little ones safe from the sun and to help keep you out of the woods after dark. If you have a lot of light on hand, you may even want to use rope lights to help keep other things, like your flashlight’s or cell phones, safe from the sun as well.

Some Final Tips

It seems that everyone complains about the cramped quarters in a camper van, or even inside their own RV. But did you know that by investing in one, you can save yourself a lot of space? Some campers actually fold up a table and chair so that they have enough room to move around or sit on the ground to rest for a bit. Other campers choose to purchase inflatable chairs instead, which provide a much more comfortable sitting option, especially if they like to read a lot or watch television. It’s also much easier to store things under an inflatable tent than it is to try and stuff everything into a bulky RV bed. If you need more storage space for personal items or food, you may want to purchase a folding camping table and chair as well.


Whether you just need a few more camping accessories or are looking to make a small improvement to your camper van, there are many ways to add comfort and convenience to your trip. For example, many campers swear by the convenience of an inflatable air sofa. Instead of packing up and trekking across uneven surfaces on a camping trip, these air mattresses make it much easier to stay warm and comfortable. A good inflatable air sofa also makes it much easier to eat, because it has a built-in handle so that campers can grab onto their bags and move their belongings without having to deal with a heavy lump in their legs.

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