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Everything which you should know about Rei camping

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Rei camping is a style of camping where you don’t carry your tent with you. Find a good, flat spot about 30ft off the ground and gather lots of leaves for insulation. You can also bring some other pieces of nature to sleep on, like cattails or pine needles, but be very careful not to harm anything else. Rei camping is an environmentally friendly way to spend time in nature without destroying the wilderness around you. It’s also a great and fun way to make lots of new friends.

Rei camping can be done anywhere but I find it to be the most fun in the mountains outside of the city. You should pack up your tent though, or go camping with other rei campers. Anyway, don’t forget to bring sharp sticks to dig a pit for your tent. This is very helpful for keeping your tent waterproof because you can catch the drips from the leaves above you. Some essentials to start your Rei Camping are as follows:


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Campsite for REi Camping is now available to the public. If you are interested in attending REi Camping it is now easier than ever! Are you excited about camping? Have you always wanted to go on a trip but don’t know where to go? Consider taking part in our next REi Camping trip. Our campers are highly engaged innovators, teachers, students, designers, engineers that are capable of creating amazing things and making them happen. The organizations we partner with offer unique opportunities for their members to learn and grow.

Tools & Repair Items

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Folding camp chairs, tents, stoves, and more. Finding a camping spot doesn’t have to be tough. With this list of tools to make your camping trip much more comfortable, you’ll be itching for the open road in no time! These are some essential items that one needs to have a comfortable hiking trip.

Campsite Extras

Depending on the remoteness and feasibility of the campsite, you can have many items like a compass or maps to take to the campsite. Some of the essentials of campsite pieces of equipment are binoculars to look at the scenic view, games and toys, music player, etc. It is advisable to carry a night sky identifier to look at the amazing night sky from your campsite and enjoy the view. It is preferable to carry a book or some piece to read in case you start getting bored.

Clothing and footwear

It is vital to pack your clothes nicely to have a comfortable trip. Some important items that are worth mentioning are moisture-wicking underwear, boots or shows to remain in the terrain, and a lightweight jacket. Always carry comfortable clothes to enjoy the trip and avoid using heavy makeup or expensive items and products.


Rei Camping is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. But while camping, it is very essential to nicely pack the bags to have a happy and comfortable trip. Besides the items mentioned above, you should also carry medicines and some all the important personal items. Missing any essential items can give you a bad trip.

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