Caravan Sites

Caravanning just like caravan sites is now a pretty common thing in these present days, and it will only get better and better as time goes by. A lot of people love to camp in their caravan but getting the best site for camping in your caravan can sometimes be very difficult. This is mainly due to the various number of sites available.

Caravan Sites
Caravan Sites

Caravan sites are now so modern that it is very different from the ancient caravan sites. You can now get access to WIFI in a caravan site as well as a swimming pool to cool off from hot weather.

There are also caravan sites that will provide adequate relaxation centers for you. You can get places that will offer a spa, sauna, and others.

Caravanning is meant to help you get away from your daily hustles as well as get maximum fun with few family and friends. However, well-planned caravanning gets ruined by a poor caravan site. Imagine getting a site that is too secluded and serene, or a place that doesn’t offer any form of fun and relaxation. Your camping or caravanning experience will not be a good one.

We are going to be listing several caravan sites that will thrill you and make your experience worth the while.

Best Caravan Sites

There are various caravan sites in the world, but the best ones have their locations in the United Kingdom. If you are the type that likes your caravan sites by the seaside, below are some seaside suggestions;


The Dartmouth site has its location on the south coast of England, and it comes with a great sea view as well as a playing field for children. Also, you will enjoy seasonal pitches on this site.


The Ravenglass caravan site situates on the Lake District, Northern England. What makes this site unique is the fact that it has its location inside a national park. That is just going to bring so much for you and your family. Also, it comes with a chemical disposal point.


The Scarborough caravan site is on the Yorkshire coast. You are going to have access to the sea life center plus you don’t need to work for long before getting shops. Also, it is a hard standing caravan site with electric pitches. You will have access to other side attractions on this site.

Chestnut House

Chestnut House is a caravan site that is near Brean in Somerset. It only takes a few walks to get to the seafront plus it is a small site for touring caravans only.

Caravan Sites With Fishing On-Site


You will find this site on Cotswolds. It is a unique site that offers lake fishing, and the location is serene. It comes with caravan storage and seasonal pitches.

Caravan Sites
Caravan Sites

Kingsbury Water Park   

You will find this caravan site on West Midlands. It offers lake fishing to its campers, and it is hardstanding with an electric hook that is up for caravans. You are also allowed to bring your pets on this site.


There are other beautiful sites for caravanning, but the ones listed in this article are pretty much the best around, and you will have no regrets visiting any.

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