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Caravan Hobby

Caravan Hobby

Having fun with a caravan is excellent and the pleasure that comes with it is superb and unique. All of these will only sound simple when you get a feel of the caravan hobby. They are built with outstanding construction plus the package you get on the hobby caravan is fantastic.

Talk of high quality is a standard for hobby caravans because the rules attached to the company is “quality always.”  With a caravan hobby, you will enjoy an absolute carefree holiday. You will feel like you are leaving your home to have fun in a better home with hobby caravans.

Caravan Hobby
Caravan Hobby

Also, the least of your worry should be the cost of getting one due to its high-quality standards. Hobby caravans are well priced and will not push you to break the walls of the bank before you can afford one. 

A hobby caravan is like a companion for your holiday trip or adventure as it serves all-purpose of need depending on the model you choose.

The Hobby caravan comes with “HobbyComplete”, an all-inclusive package that determines just how much fun you will have on board with the different models.

Models of Caravan Hobby


With the On Tour model of hobby caravan, assurance of an endless feeling of satisfaction and comfort is in store for you. You will travel easily on this vibrant looking caravan plus it affords you to have a spontaneous trip to your most appreciated sites.

At 2.20m wide and 1,200kg you are getting a swift and compact caravan. No matter the size of your towing vehicle, you will have no worries while moving this excellent caravan.  For individuals who are used to traveling light or just new to the lifestyle, this is the best hobby caravans to choose from.

The array of features onboard this caravan will wow you. With four different layouts as well as a family layout that comes with bunk beds, you will have no regrets getting on board this one.

Finally, with great furniture onboard, you are only going to be spoilt for comfort.


The striking feel about this model is how fresh, new and versatile it is delivered. I will undoubtedly go with the fact that this is the most family-friendly Hobby caravan model on the market. It presents with 18 different layouts and 6 out of those are for children on board. That is just highly fascinating.

The great news to this model is that come 2020, an additional five new layouts and it promises to be mind-blowing.

You will have access to 6 children’s beds and additional double drop-down bed layouts for extra comfort. The caravan length is about 8.38m, and the width is about 2.30 to 2.50 meters. Finally, with the gross caravan weight of 1,300kg, you will have no issues with towing this beautiful caravan.

Caravan Hobby
Caravan Hobby


A highly stylish, spacious, cozy and elegant caravan. If you crave for space about all the time, you should choose the prestige hobby caravan. The fascinating fact about this model is not just space but also stylish design.

Overall, you will love everything you get from this caravan and with no regrets.

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