Camping Essentials – A Basic Guide For Winter Camping

winter camping essentials

When winter camping, a few basic things are necessary to have on hand for those cold nights in the mountains. For the car campers, road trips, or cross country camping, insulating the vehicle for winter is fairly simple and the big difference is usually very noticeable right away. Hang heavy blankets on the rear wall and use an old double sleeping pad inside of the car. Sleeping bags are great for winter camping trips as well, with the addition of wool or fleece lining. Don’t forget a pair of glasses and a light jacket for a nice change of pace during the night. These are a few of the most important winter camping essentials for the car and for those hiking in the mountains.

An Overview

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There are other winter camping essentials for the backpacker as well, such as a Coleman Mini Hot Tub. These tubs, which are equipped with jets for a cold drink, come in two-person and three-person versions. One person can easily enjoy the convenience of the mini hot tub while the other person uses his or her legs to get out of the water and warm themselves. It makes a great add-on to any gear bag. The Coleman also makes a water filter that fits nicely in a backpack and can be used with filtered water to make sure that the traveler has clean water for drinking, and it keeps the warm air inside the tent to help keep people warm.

Other winter camping essentials for a backpacker include rope, a first aid kit, sun block and a sleeping bag. Depending on where you will be sleeping, make sure that the sleeping bag is suitable. If you are backpacking, a synthetic sleeping bag would be fine, but if you will be sleeping in a tent, a down-filled bag would be better for your sake. For clothing, the regular layers work just as well in a down-filled bag as they do in a shell. Make sure that your winter camping clothes are warm and dry before putting them on, and pack enough of them so that there are no surprises when you are ready to leave.

Guide To Basic Winter Camping Essentials

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Another set of winter camping essentials is a headlamp. Headlamps let you see in the dark and will help you stay safe in the case of an emergency. The larger the headlamp the better because you want one that is strong enough to light a fire and not go out when you need it most. For added safety, choose a sturdy pair that is waterproof and also has LED lights so it won’t go out in the middle of the night.

When choosing winter socks and boots, it is important to pick boots that keep feet dry and warm at the same time. The best way to do this is to pair thick socks with a light pair of winter hiking boots. Thick socks can work as insulators so the feet don’t heat up as much from walking around in the cold, and thin socks will absorb the heat and send it back down to the foot through the wool. Winter socks come in many different styles, so be creative and find the pair that works best for you.

Of all the winter camping tips, having the right equipment is the most important. Having the right gear can make all the difference between a safe and a miserable winter camping trip. If you want to have fun and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the hospital, make sure you pack plenty of first aid supplies and warm, waterproof liners. Pack some food that is easy to prepare because it takes a lot more effort to cook something that is frozen. And don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water so you won’t get dehydrated on a freezing night.

In The End

One of the worst things you can do when you are out in the winter is to drink any water that you come across. It will freeze as soon as you leave the tent and then you will be constantly dipping your thirsty head into a puddle of water. In addition, your clothing will absorb the moisture that will freeze you even faster. So, for the best nights sleep out in the wild, make sure you have stored away your bottles of water, along with any other ice-storing beverages like sodas. Another winter survival tip is to pack plenty of fleece-lined parka’s and long Johns for covering yourself in case the wind starts blowing at an odd angle and brings sudden, warm gusts of wind.

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