Camping Dinner Ideas – Delicious Cooking Options For Your Next Camping Trip

camping dinner ideas

There are lots of camping dinner ideas out there, all of them quick and easy to prepare and delicious to eat. The key is to have a good set of camping cooking equipment. Some of the camping dinner ideas on this page can even be made using a very small camping kitchen.

Shapes And Sizes

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Camping dinners come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from complete meals that can feed an entire family to small snacks and some treats that are great for camping. In this article we will discuss the best meals and snacks for a camping trip. We will provide tips about what foods you should bring along, as well as some recipes. After reading this article, you should be able to create some good meals and snacks for your next camping trip.

If you are planning a short camping trip, then you should consider grilling as one of your meals. A campfire grilling session is one of the best camping dinner ideas. Just use some foil to grill up hot dogs and hamburgers, or other finger food. You could also grill your own chicken, chops, steaks or vegetables. When cooking meals in an open fire, there is nothing more romantic than hearing the flames begin to sing.

Potato Chips Or Nachos

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Other campfire cooking meals include potato chips or nachos. Camping recipe sites often have many different potato chip and nacho recipes. These can be easy to make at home if you can find the ingredients. Simply combine together refried beans, cheese, salsa, and whatever your favorite nacho sauce is. An easy camping dinner idea would be to add sour cream to the dip for a nacho dip.

Snacks and meals also take the form of canned items. There are many different kinds of canned products that you can make as a meal or snack. In fact, it is even better when it comes to camping dinner ideas because the foods will last longer in the can. This means that you do not need to buy a new can after using it. It will also be healthier for you because it will not be loaded with unhealthy preservatives that many foods are. A great choice for snacks would be potato chips or corn chips.

Sausage Links

Sausage links and oatmeal are another delicious option for camping meals. Both of these dishes are relatively simple to cook if you follow a few basic camping cooking tips. While it may look like you are trying to cook an actual sausage, bacon is actually what you are cooking. If you prefer to have ham as well, then simply substitute the bacon for the ground meat. Cooking the sausage and bacon either on the top of the stove or over a campfire is fairly easy to do.


Another delicious meal idea that can be cooked over the course of the night is chicken kebobs that are made in a dutch oven. All you have to do is to brown the chicken cutlets and sprinkle them with some seasoning before baking in the dutch oven. The next day, just throw the cooked chicken into your camp food stash. You will find this delicious dish is both light and healthy and you will feel better for having cooked the meal in an open fire.

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