A Must Have Tool for Every Car Owner! Handy and Space Saving L Type Socket Wrench So Don’t Miss It!

Cars are now almost owned by every single person on this earth. The automobile industry has launched many amazing cars that even small families can afford a car easily today. Also, having a car has become a necessity today if someone is having a family or for long road journeys. Buying a car is not everything that one needs to have. The car comes with the responsibility of maintenance checks. Cars can even have unwanted situations where either there would be an engine problem or flattened tire problem. Here is a product which is a Car repair L type socket which can be helpful at the time of need where a car would need one’s urgent attention while traveling. It’s just like having a first aid box in one’s car. Check this amazing product down below to know more about it. 

Car Repair L Type Socket Wrench Set 7/12PCS High Carbon Steel L Spanner Keys with Pouch Pack Pipe Perforation Elbow Wrench

This product is a car repair L-type socket which is best for crossovers and minivans. The best part is the total combination of different wrench sets it comes with. It comes with either a pack of seven or twelve wrench sets which are of high carbon steel L spanner keys. This product also comes with a pouch pack pipe with a perforation elbow wrench. The product is available in different combos where one can choose any option according to one’s needs. The product has combos like – a set of five pieces, a set of twelve pieces, a set of seven pieces, a wrench set with box, a total wrench set with box, one-sided single wrench, two-sided single wrench, etc. There are two color options that one gets here which are red and black. 

Purchase your Car Repair L Type Socket Wrench Set 7/12PCS High Carbon Steel L Spanner Keys with Pouch Pack Pipe Perforation Elbow Wrench today.


  • Material: Chromium-vanadium Steel
  • Features: Non-slip
  • Model Number: 15888
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Type: Wrench Set
  • universal wrench set: wrench spanner set
  • universal spanner wrench: wrench keys set
  • universal ratcheting wrench: ratchet wrench spanners set
  • spanner wrench set: ratchet wrench set
  • wrench ratchet set: L type socket wrench
  • ratchet spanner: wrench ratchet
  • wrench set spanner: socket wrench
  • wrench key: keys set
  • ratchet spanners wrench sets: ratchet wrench
  • wrench spanner: wrench spanner
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  • It is helpful while changing Stephanies or any car breakdowns. 
  • The material is made non-slip which provides a good grip. 
  • It is a universal wrench and spanner set. 
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  • The price is too high. 
  • It cannot be used for every car model. 
  • The wrench becomes too heavy to carry.
  • The sets have many wrenches which are unreasonable. 


This awesome product which is a car repair L-type wrench set is the best option to buy as it is based on the universal pattern. The material used for making this amazing product is chromium-vanadium steel which gives it long-term durability. The price that this product comes with is between eighteen dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars. This varying price range is due to the different combo options and color options that are given to the buyers as a choice of customization. Overall, this product is great for short car breakdown repairs where one cannot find professional helpers.

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