6 Ways You Can Conserve Space In Your Small Caravan

The problem of space is one every small caravan owner is familiar with. I’m sure you often find yourself wondering why there never seems to be enough space in your caravan, but this article is going to help you solve your problem. These eight tips will make you get so much space you won’t know what to do with it and the end of the day!

Clean Your Small Caravan

Before you think of saving space, you need to have space. A lot of us have items we haven’t used in years lying around for one reason or the other. It’sIt’s time to do that deep cleaning you’ve been postponing.

6 Ways You Can Conserve Space in Your Small Caravan.
6 Ways You Can Conserve Space In Your Small Caravan

Get rid of items that you know are unnecessary in your caravan. Don’tDon’t know how to go about this? Let me give you a tip: Dispose of any item you didn’t use in the last season.

Follow this guideline and see yourself getting space and rid of future diseases because cluster harbours a lot of germs. Cleared as much space as you can, but can’t let go of some of the items? This next tip is sure to help.

Plastic Storage Tubs

We don’t use these words enough. All those unnecessary items you couldn’t get rid of can be kept here and stacked. Yes, you don’t have to get rid of that item that you don’t use a lot but holds sentimental value. Just store them in a clear storage tub and stack them on top of each other. You can as well take them out and use them. This tip is about you utilizing storage tubs to clear items that you don’t use often. Get into this and watch your caravan free up.

Using Collapsible, Foldable and Pop-up Products

It is a straightforward, effective, and inexpensive tip. Getting products that you can fold and keep in tight spaces help in conserving space so much, you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner. Get foldable ironing boards, chairs, and clothing hampers go a long way. You could go as far as getting foldable chairs and beds. Try this tip out immediately, and you’ll see the changes.

Hooks, Clips and Suction Caps

Why not? Hooks may seem bizarre to some of you who are only familiar with them in the kitchen but, trust me, and hooks can be used in almost every space. In the kitchen to hang kitchen utensils, plates, bottles, etc. In the ample space to hang coats, bags, and accessories. Also, introduce racks into your sleeping area and bathroom. Use that rack instead of using that shelf — time to visit that mart close to you and get loads of hooks.

Explore the Spaces in Your Caravan

There are other places you can keep your stuff apart from the floor and walls. Have you explored your ceiling? Get into hanging your wardrobes, shelves, and drawers now. If you’re finding it hard to get ideas, why don’t you visit Pinterest for some ideas?

Have you ever explored underneath your bed? If you’re tired of seeing the storage tubs take space in your living area, keep them under your bed. Not only this, but you could also use it under your bed to store a lot of items.

6 Ways You Can Conserve Space in Your Small Caravan.
6 Ways You Can Conserve Space In Your Small Caravan

Annexes and Awning

It isn’t helpful inside, but it is outside. Awnings and Annexes can give you extra sleeping space, additional living space, and, most importantly, extra storage space. They also help in providing shelter in extreme weather cases. There are different kinds of awnings, and finding the one that suits your needs won’t be much of a hassle.

Try these tips out now and see yourself forget about the size of your caravan!

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